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For centuries Bermuda shutters have been used in the Caribbean for protection from the intense heat of the sun now you can benefit from this uniquely designed shutter.

According to legend the push-out type of shutter was first used in Venice, Italy as protection from the sun. The design of this shutter was so effective that it has been used universally for shelter from sun

Today Bermuda shutters are seen on cabanas, gazebos, and verandas as well as the south facing windows of the home.

The unique design of the Bermuda shutter is quite effective in it's function. While protecting from the direct rays of the sun it also provides privacy from the neighbors and alows a cool breeze from outdoors.

The 2½ inch louvers are set at a 50° pitch and spaced a full 2 inches apart. As the shutter is pushed out the louvers become parallel with the line of vision while remaining perpendicular to the rays of the sun thus allowing an excellent view out doors while providing a cool shade.

A hands on black hook holds the shutter securely in position

The Bermuda shutter is extended to optimal position and held securely by this handsome black iron hook.

In inclement weather the shutter may be released from the push-out hooks and pulled in.

Imagine your Home or Business in the Bermuda Style Shutter

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How To Measure Your Windows

Generally Bermuda shutters cover the entire window including the casing down to the sill.

Specify width X height in exact terms. Your new shutters will be manufactured exactly the size that you specify. Please Measure Carefully.

If you have questions as to how to measure do not hesitate to call. We will walk you through each step of the measuring and ordering. Average hold time: 15 seconds.

Call Anytime For Assistance In Measuring

The angle of the shutter is determined by the placement of the iron hooks on the window jamb.

Hooks are available
12" long
16" long

Awning Styled Shutters
Sometimes Bermuda shutters are manufactured 1/2 or 1/3 the size of the window and are used for the same purpose as an awning shielding from the sun without darkening the room.

Bermuda shutters are manufactured in 4 to 6 weeks and are ordered unfinished for the do-it-yourselfer
or primed and/or prefinished. Specify your color and we will buy or match your paint.

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