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Wooden Interior Shutters

  • Brownstone Shutters

    These shutters combine louvered and paneled leafs into one shutter set. Typically, the panel flanks the window and the inner panels are louvered, giving privacy but still allowing light to be metered.
  • Cafe Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated in any style of louver or panel. The Café style means that only the lower part of the window is covered with the shutter.
  • Caribbean Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated with a 3-1/2 inch wide louver. The large louver spacing allows for easy visibility when the louvers are open.
  • Plantation Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated with a 2-1/2 inch wide louver. We offer two styles: our standard flat louver and our Bel-Aire elliptical louver. These can be used to either dress up a room or give it a casual feel.
  • Pocket Shutters

    These shutters are specially fabricated to fold into a pocket, either an existing one or one specifically created for this purpose. When the shutters are completely opened, you only see the back side of the paneled leaf that appears to be part of the wall or window jamb.
  • Installed double hung Raised Panel shutters Americana DeVenco Shutters

    Raised Panel or Flat Panel

    These shutters offer a variety of panel options with raised panels, flat panels, or flat panels with custom mouldings. Offering the most room darkening and privacy, raised panel shutters can be styled to match historic or contemporary spaces.
  • Sliding ByPass Shutters for patio doors Plantation Closed Louvers

    Sliding ByPass Shutter

    These shutter panels are fabricated with either Plantation (2-1/2 inch wide) or Caribbean (3-1/2 inch wide) louvers. They can be used in front of windows or doors to allow usage while creating a barrier to conserve energy and will be configured to make the most of the space that you have.
  • Installed double hung Traditional louvered shutters Americana DeVenco Shutters

    Traditional Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated with a 1-1/4 inch wide louver. The narrowest louver we fabricate, these can both darken a room when closed and allow in the light when opened.
  • Victorian Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated with a 1-7/8 inch wide louver. Historically accurate, the louvers provide privacy and allow you to regulate light coming into the room.