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About Americana Devenco

We have studied the history and design of wooden shutters with an eye toward reproducing this original product. Americana DeVenco Shutters offers high quality, custom manufactured wooden shutters, authentically reproduced and handcrafted to the highest standards. Our products allow you to maintain the authenticity of your historic home  and provide a fresh, clean look to more contemporary properties.

Using modern tools, our skilled craftsmen fabricate shutters to your exact requirements. We prepare computer-aided-design drawings for our shutters so that customers can confirm the measurements. This allow us to produce high quality wood shutters that meet each project requirements. We are able to offer many choices in styles and types of shutters as well as being able to match any brand and color of paint or stain. Because we fabricate everything to your exact measurements, special sizes are not an issue for us. Whether you are looking for an historically accurate shutter or something more contemporary, we have a product to fit your needs.