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Our References

Americana DeVenco Shutters is proud to produce the finest quality product designed to meet the specifications of architects, conservators, designers and homeowners for windows of new or period homes.

For half a century Americana DeVenco Shutters has produced window decorations for a great many buildings both public and private. Many of the private buildings are on the Historic Registry and would be immediately recognizable by name or location; it is our stated policy not to identify private homes. We are glad to offer this partial list of public buildings of historical or architectural significance for which our shutters have been specified and manufactured.

Our Resources The Lawn interior shutters
Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Virginia
“The Lawn”

Original campus designed and erected by Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States.

Our Resources Governor's Palace
Williamsburg, Virginia

The Governor’s Palace

The lavish brick building built in 1722 and home to seven royal governors plus Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson as post colonial governors of the state of Virginia.

Our Resources New Your Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

New York Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Recognized historical authority on interior design and decorative arts.

Our Resources Stratford Hall
Stratford, Virginia

Stratford Hall

The 1738 birth place and home of Robert. E. Lee as well as Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee, the only two brothers who are signatories to the Declaration of Independence.

Our Resources Taft House Exterior Shutters
Cincinnati, Ohio

William Howard Taft House

Home of our 27th president and the 10th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Our Resources Georgia Governor's Mansion
Milledgeville, Georgia

Original Georgia Governor's Mansion

This 1840 Greek Revival building was used as the Governor’s mansion until 1868.

Our References Andrew Johnson
Greenville, Tennessee

Andrew Johnson's Home

1851 Federal style home of the 17th President of the United States.

Our References Andrew Low House
Savannah, Georgia

Andrew Low's House

Home of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of The Girl Scouts of America.

Our Resources Ohio State House
Columbus, Ohio

Ohio State House & Capitol

Originally built in 1840, restored in 1994 – 1996.

Our Resources Interior Shutters
Beaufort, South Carolina

John Mark Vedier's House

Original 1790 house of local merchant in the 18th century resort town of Beaufort.

Our Resources Israel Crane
Montclair, New Jersey

The Israel Crane House

Colonial house built in 1796 by Israel Crane in Montclair, formerly known as Cranetown.

Our References Brandywine River Museum
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Brandywine River Museum

1864 grist mill converted to a museum in 1974.

Our Resources Swan House
Atlanta, Georgia

The Swan House

1928 Palladian style mansion built by Phillip Trammell Shutte, well-known Atlanta architect.

Other Locations