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How to Clean Your Shutters

Window Shutter Cleaning Instructions

Like any fine furniture, your DeVenco shutters will require regular dusting. Your shutters will come from the factory with a fine glossy finish, so cleaning and dusting should be a painless affair.

Use a soft dust cloth or feather duster for dusting. Products like Endust will not harm the finish. Vacuum cleaners often come with a soft brush attachment which may be helpful.

A lamb wool duster, also known as a Kiwi duster, is ideal for the purpose of dusting louvers. Always dust the louvers in the tilted position.

Never immerse your wooden shutters in water. Warpage can occur when wood absorbs moisture.

Every decade or so, general maintenance and refinishing of your shutters will be required. This maintenance is generally conducted when the room is repainted.


The original finish on your shutters should last 10 or more years with a painted finish; 7 to 8 years with a varnished or natural finish. Whether a change in color is required, or for the purpose of general maintenance, eventually your shutters will require refinishing.

You should sand, buff, and spot prime (if necessary) before finishing. Only the finest quality professional grade of paint should be used. If you choose to engage the services of a painter, you should be certain that they are well qualified and experienced with operable louver shutters and that their work is guaranteed.


  • Use spray equipment for a professional finish
  • Remove all hardware
  • Sand and properly prep or prime unfinished surfaces
  • Use a professional grade paint.



  • Paint the brass hinges
  • Paint without preparing the surface properly
  • Use an airless paint gun
  • Use cheap paint.

Replacement louvers, hinges, knobs, as well as other parts, are available with a simple phone call.

With proper refinishing your shutters should be good for another decade or more of service. With regular and proper maintenance your shutters should last many decades! One need only look at Back Bay Boston or The Battery in Charleston for evidence of 100+ year old shutters still in use today.


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