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Stained Brownstone Shutters

Brownstone shutters from Americana DeVenco with raised panel and Victorian louvered

Stained Brownstone Shutters Project

Brownstone shutters give you the best of two different styles of shutters — panels and louvers. The flanking (outside) leafs are raised panels to the exterior (visible inside when closed) with flat recessed panel to the interior (visible outside when closed) and the inner leafs showcase Victorian (1-7/8″ wide) louvers with a centered tilt rod. These shutters were fabricated from Basswood, stained, and finished with a catalyzed lacquer.
Products Used
  • Brownstone Shutters

    These shutters combine louvered and paneled leafs into one shutter set. Typically, the panel flanks the window and the inner panels are louvered, giving privacy but still allowing light to be metered.