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Plantation Sliding ByPass Shutters

Plantation Sliding ByPass Shutter

Plantation Sliding ByPass Shutter Project We make both Caribbean and Plantation Sliding ByPass shutters. This customer’s preference was to use Plantation (2-1/2″ wide) louvers for each panel and our standard hardware. Due to the height of the sliding bypass shutter panels, we include a lockrail that is generally located at the height of the door […]

Stained Plantation Shutters

Stained Plantation Shutters Project These stained Plantation shutters were finished using Sherwin Williams’ stain. They used two different customized colors of stain based upon the room in which they were installed. These shutters allow the natural light to enter the room while maintaining privacy in each space. Final Shutter Installation Completed units awaiting hardware installation […]

Victorian Shutters

Victorian Shutters Project Our customer has been renovating their historic home and wanted to incorporate shutters in several rooms. Due to the Victorian style of the house, they installed Victorian shutters to protect their privacy as well as being able to let in light when they want. The white shutters matches the trim throughout the […]

Stained Brownstone Shutters

Brownstone shutters from Americana DeVenco with raised panel and Victorian louvered

Stained Brownstone Shutters Project Brownstone shutters give you the best of two different styles of shutters — panels and louvers. The flanking (outside) leafs are raised panels to the exterior (visible inside when closed) with flat recessed panel to the interior (visible outside when closed) and the inner leafs showcase Victorian (1-7/8″ wide) louvers with […]

Paneled Mahogany Shutters

Fully opened Flat Panel Shutters from Americana DeVenco Shutters

Raised Paneled Mahogany Shutters Project We fabricated paneled shutters with a raise on one side and a recessed flat on the other side. We used Mahogany with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish to bring out the color and the dimension of the grain. Installed shutters (photo courtesy Jon Becker) Installed shutters (photo courtesy Jon Becker) […]