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Plantation Rolling Shutters

Plantation Rolling shutter Americana DeVenco Shutters

We made rolling shutters with our standard fascia and hardware using Plantation (2-1/2″ wide) louvers for each panel. Due to the height of the rolling shutter panels, we include a lockrail that is generally located at the height of the door handle. This allows you greater control of the amount of light coming into the room since the upper and lower sections of louvers operate independently. These Plantation Rolling Shutters were stained to match the furniture in the room and hide the patio doors.

Rolling Shutters for patio doors Stained Plantation
Stained in a dark color, these Rolling Shutters for patio doors are used in a dining room over the patio entrance. (Photo courtesy Michelle A.)
Stained Components for Rolling Shutter from Americana DeVenco Shutters
The start of a rolling shutter: all of the components stained and ready to be cut and assembled.
Plantation Rolling Shutter Panel Americana DeVenco Shutters
Rolling shutter panel ready to be assembled on table. The grooves fit the spacing of the louvers/pins, helping to improve the speed in assembly.
Doweled bottom rail and pins in louvers for panel Americana DeVenco Shutters
Assembling the Rolling Shutter panel with the dowels visible in the bottom rail and the pins in the louvers (which are already attached to the tilt rod).
Plantation Rolling shutter Panel in Clamp Americana DeVenco Shutters
Assembled Plantation Rolling Shutter panel in clamp to glue. Once it is dried, the panel is cut to size and the ends are stained to match. The last step is for the entire panel to receive several coats of a clear lacquer finish.
Standard Rolling Shutter Top Rail Americana DeVenco Shutters
The view of the bottom side of the track for our standard rolling shutter hardware. The two tracks will have stops included so that the panels cannot fall off the tracks once everything is in place.
Plantation Rolling Shutter Panels Opened Past Door Americana DeVenco Shutters
Here is the Plantation Rolling Shutter with the panels rolled past the opening for a clear view out the patio doors. (Photo courtesy Michelle A.)
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  • Plantation Shutters

    These shutters are fabricated with a 2-1/2 inch wide louver. We offer two styles: our standard flat louver and our Bel-Aire elliptical louver. These can be used to either dress up a room or give it a casual feel.